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Cleaning fluids

We produce the highest quality cleaning chemistry, developed and tested in-house at DCT. This guarantees high effectiveness and longevity of all our fluids in cleaning processes.

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Cleaning machines

Our top priority is excellence. We manufacture our systems with materials of the highest craftsmanship and quality. Thanks to our fully stainless steel design, we provide the longest warranties on the market.

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Process control

Our in-house produced ionic contamination testers and concentration analyzers will give your process control the extra edge.

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Cleaning Applications

Stencil + misprint + squeegee

Perfectly clean stencil and squeegee are one of the basic prerequisites for the overall quality of SMT production. Especially with nowadays miniaturization of components. If the paste is missprinted, a properly adjusted cleaning process saves considerable costs.

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PCB cleaning

By cleaning the PCBs after the soldering process we ensure a longer service life and reliability of the equipment. Some demanding applications today, especially in the areas of medicine, measurement, safety and others, cannot do without this process.

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Maintenance cleaning

Properly set up maintenance processes are important to ensure trouble-free electrical engineering. Neglect always brings problems.

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Conformal coating cleaning

A properly set up maintenance process for coating frame cleaning will ensure the subsequent quality, accuracy and repeatability of the coating process. Cleaning of already coated PCBs, even locally, will enable the PCBs to be repaired and thus save costs.

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Manual cleaning

Especially after repairs or manual soldering, it is important for the reliability and durability of the product. Manual maintenance cleaning of soldering furnaces and waves is an essential part of preventive maintenance of production.

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Under-stencil cleaning

A properly set under stencil cleaning process has a primary effect on overall print quality and hence overall SMT production quality.

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Our cleaning systems are manufactured with the highest quality AISI certified stainless steel. All cleaning fluids are made in accordance with ISO 9001 standards certified by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance.


We provide the longest warranties in the cleaning market. 5-year warranty on all stainless steel parts + 3-year warranty on mechanical components.

complete solution

Combination of cleaning chemistry and cleaning equipment from one supplier secures the highest efficiency and reliability of your cleaning process.

service + support

Local sales, service, process and technical support.


Development, design, research, and testing of new and unique solutions. Optional customization to meet your specific needs.

inhouse production

We produce all our cleaning technologies and chemistry at DCT in the Czech Republic, Europe.

Our Customers

Magneti Marelli

How do our solutions work in practice?

Our company, Tyco Fire Protection Products, focuses on manufacturing and services in the field of fire protection. With the transfer to lead-free soldering, we have encountered issues with the cleaning efficiency of PCBs after the reflow process.Thanks to our long-term cooperation with DCT Czech, their professional approach to our cleaning needs, their flexibility and customer oriented and user-friend solutions, we were able to successfully modify and implement a new vertical spraying PCB cleaning process. DCT Czech developed and manufactured a high-capacity cleaning system, which we have been successfully using for nearly two years.

Radek MatuškaProcess EngineerTyco Electronics

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Our Story

David Joura


"All technologies are useless if you miss the courage."

There is no technology that can be of any use to you unless you have an idea and the courage to do something. Other than than, all you need is a pencil and paper. That is why we work with people who have ideas and courage to realize them.

Our function lies in complexity. The effectiveness of the liquids and cleaning equipment and the control exerted over the overall process represent the functional machine. Functionality and reliability is our priority.

Zbyněk Zukal

Business Manager

"Our success is based on nothing more than the everyday hard work of the entire DCT team and an effort to be the best supplier of washing solutions in the world..."

Since the very beginning, the very first customer, the very first application we encountered, we have focused on one fundamental thing: helping new customers improve their existing and future cleaning processes technically, economically, and comprehensively. Thanks to this, we are continuously developing and enhancing our products and solutions as much as possible.

We have created a unique business and service model built on good personal knowledge of our customers and their real needs. We have implemented this model over the past 15 years in more than 30 countries with more than 400 customers.

We are proud that we have managed to bring a high-quality Czech product to the whole world.


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