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100% Complete Cleaning Solution

Cleaning fluids 

We produce the highest quality cleaning chemistry, developed and tested in-house at DCT. This guarantees high effectiveness and longevity of all our fluids in cleaning processes.

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Cleaning systems 

Our top priority is excellence. We manufacture our systems with materials of the highest craftsmanship and quality. Thanks to our fully stainless steel design, we provide the longest warranties on the market.

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Process control 

Our in-house produced ionic contamination testers and concentration analyzers will give your process control the extra edge.

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What does DCT mean? 


How does it all look now?


countries where DCT is represented


active customers


active applications


cleaning devices installed


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We are growing team of



Our main values and vision



Above all, there is perfect workmanship and first-class materials.



We provide the longest guarantees on the market.


Customized solutions

Products are customized according to customer requirement. 



Always local sales and service support.



We are responsible for your cleaning processes.



We bring savings to our customers through the best technologies.



Technical Support is at your disposal.



We are constantly developing and inventing the best possible solutions.

18 years experience on market

první <br />mycí kapalina


first cleaning fluid

The first DECONTRON® 250 water-based detergent was developed for Celestica. 

první<br />mycí stroj


first cleaning machine

For SIEMENS VDO, we developed the first ultrasonic technology.


first testing equipment

Increasing cleaning and washing requirements have led us to develop our own control units.

Owners' statements

― David Joura, CEO ―
All technologies are useless if you miss the courage.
The birth of our company in 2001 was preceded by great courage - to act and make dreams come true.
And today, we try to give the same space for self-fulfillment to our employees, too. There is 65 of us in the company now, and having left the former horse barn where we had started then, we moved to a spacious industrial building in Boskovice.
However, the growth of the company brings along responsibility: for employees and clients from 28 countries in every corner of our planet. Our desire to improve thus never ends. We learn and improve every day to be one of the best companies in the sector of cleaning technologies in the electrical engineering industry.
― Zbyněk Zukal, Business Manager ―
Our success is based on nothing more than the everyday hard work of the entire DCT team and an effort to be the best supplier of washing solutions in the world...
Since the very beginning, the very first customer, the very first application we encountered, we have focused on one fundamental thing: helping new customers improve their existing and future cleaning processes technically, economically, and comprehensively.
Thanks to this, we are continuously developing and enhancing our products and solutions as much as possible.
We have created a unique business and service model built on good personal knowledge of our customers and their real needs. We have implemented this model over the past 15 years in more than 30 countries with more than 400 customers.
We are proud that we have managed to bring a high-quality Czech product to the whole world.

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