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Cooperation with ASM Assembly Systems

Cooperation with ASM Assembly Systems

Cooperation with ASM Assembly Systems

In April 2018 we started a cooperation with ASM Assembly Systems, a leader in SMT equipment, software, and services to the electronics assembly market.

ASM is a supplier of solutions for printing, surface mounting and process integration in SMT, known as DEK Printers and SIPLACE Placement equipment. ASM is constantly advancing the limits of feasibility and efficiency by developing innovative solutions for the complete electronics production chain – from the wafer to chip and module production to the SMT placement process.

DCT Czech was chosen as the best supplier of complex cleaning solution for cleaning of misprints after calibration of new DEK screen printers. In Product Line Innovation Center in the UK, we installed our cleaning machine InJet® 888 CRD-2F and together with our cleaning fluid Decotron® 259 it ensures the best results in misprints cleaning.

Our cleaning machine InJet® 888 CRD-2F is available to use in ASM demo center and customers who will come to ASM for testing purposes or for the machines acceptance. Moreover, the machine is used for purposes of ASM R&D.

The cooperation is further proof of the exceptional quality of DCT solutions.

We are glad to be a partner for ASM Assembly Systems and we hope in long-term cooperation.


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