New DCT corporate identity

New DCT corporate identity

New DCT corporate identity

Together with the web presentation, we are introducing our new corporate identity, in particular the new DCT logo. The logotype helped us in introducing consistent visual communication and supported the growing DCT brand with the coherent corporate design.

We introduced the brand new DCT logotype together with the web presentation on 11 September 2015. The logo was created internally within our company, similarly to the Coca-Cola logo. The circular brand symbolizes the comprehensive nature of our services and products, and indicates our continuous, never-ending work on improvement of cleaning systems.

You will see the new logotype on all our new as well as traditional corporate materials. The brand has retained its red color, which has become an established part of DCT. It calls for attention, makes us aim at our targets and accentuates the quality. We believe it will become a symbol of high-quality cleaning in the electrical engineering industry.

The news in on-line communication is the unique domain .cleaning. In DCT, we have always sought new, non-traditional methods which are functional and beneficial at the same time. DCT is a specialist in cleaning processes, and therefore the domain is the right one. Please note that our future e-mail communication will be in the form


The new identity has connected both the visual aspect and the philosophy of our materials. We wish to imprint the high quality of our products and professional quality of our team onto each instrument. By the creation of corporate identity, DCT brand is closer to the target of becoming the “Global leader in cleaning in the electrical engineering industry”.

Our communication has become equal to the high quality of our products and services. The time when marketing used to be our weakest point is gone.

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