New exclusive distributor in Russia

New exclusive distributor in Russia

New exclusive distributor in Russia

We would like to introduce to you our new exclusive distributor in Russia - Avanteh.Their team of experienced professionals was trained in our cleaning processes as well as service at DCT in the Czech Republic and we have been working together for the past 8 months with great results.

From July 1st, 2019 Avanteh will provide:

  • Application support
  • Spare parts supply
  • Warranty service
  • After-warranty service
  • Sales support:
  • Cleaning chemistry
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Process control equipment

Please see the new contact information below:
196006, Санкт-Петербург, ул. Заставская, д.7, офис 418
+7 (812) 318-11-51 (многоканальный)
[email protected],

Avanteh DCT specialist:
Anton Kanter
+7 921 362 58 33, [email protected]

Avanteh DCT service specialist:
+7 812 318 11 51, [email protected]

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