Training day in PIEK

Training day in PIEK

Training day in PIEK

On October 10, 2016 was held a training day in PIEK where DCT had presentations about manual cleaning of PCBs and ROSE tester.

Last month DCT supplied equipment that PIEK will be using in its courses. DCT’s Senior Project Manager, Mr Jiri Urban and Mrs Lenka Musilova, laboratory specialist, explain the workings and possibilities of the equipment to the PIEK instructors. DCT provided to PIEK cleaning sprays Flux Remover 4 for sophisticated manual cleaning of PCBs after rework process and testing equipment R.O.S.E. 32 to control the level of ionic contamination of PCBs before and after cleaning process.

DCT and PIEK already got to know each other four years ago during a seminar where both organisations did a presentation. However, it was at last year’s Productronica in Munich that they renewed their acquaintance and actually decided to discuss and confirm their cooperation. The reason why DCT has chosen for PIEK as a business partner is explained by Mr Jiri Urban as follows: ‘PIEK and DCT have many things in common: they are open and transparent organisations, are key players in the electronic connections industry and have highly motivated and competent staff.’

PIEK’s Managing Director Rob Walls sees DCT as a professional partner that adds value to PIEK’s core business: ‘DCT has excellent insight into the industry, which allows us to educate our course participants to an even higher standard than before and to face any future challenges.

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