We have moved to Boskovice

We have moved to Boskovice

We have moved to Boskovice

We are excited to announce that a part of our company has moved to a new location in Boskovice.

DCT continues to grow and as a natural step of that growth we needed a large enough premises. Henceforth we have different mailing address. The new address is:

Havlíčkova 18

680 01 Boskovice

Czech Republic

Nowadays in Boskovice you can find the leading of company, sales department, marketing department, administration and production department. Just department of fluid production is missing and it will move to Boskovice at the end of the year because the hall for this department needs renovation. Therefore you can find the department of fluid production in Černá Hora.

For next year we plan a total adjustment of areas to create a pleasant working environment not only for our employees but also for visitors of DCT.

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