# Better Solutions

Better Solutions

Our biggest motivation is to provide our customers with better cleaning solutions.

  • Complete Cleaning

    We provide cleaning solutions for all cleaning applications.


    We are the only company on the market which develops cleaning systems as well as cleaning agents for all existing cleaning applications and on such a huge scale. The completeness of our product portfolio also consists in our hardware and software process control solutions including devices for measurement of ionic contamination.

  • 100% Responsibility
    for the Cleaning Process

    We take full responsibility for the functionality of the cleaning process.


    Because we provide complete cleaning solutions to our customers, we guarantee the functionality of the cleaning process. Our cleaning systems and cleaning agents are both products we develop in one place in the European Union. Thanks to this, we can test their mutual compatibility and the functionality of the whole cleaning process.

  • Quality of
    Cleaning Systems

    We produce cleaning systems solely from stainless steel because it has long-term advantages.


    Our cleaning systems are manufactured from stainless steel only, because high-quality stainless steel is a guarantee of durability, and long-term functionality of the cleaning system. We do not use plastic materials for many reasons. Due to the high-quality of our cleaning systems, we can provide the longest warranty on the market - 5 years.

  • Quality of
    Cleaning Agents

    We care about the functionality of cleaning chemistry, as well as about ecology.


    We use only the purest materials from companies Dow or BASF. For chemical production, we also use our own deionized water. The ecological impact matters to us, so we do not use any halogen compounds. All our products meet the requirements of the RoHS and REACH, as they are fully biodegradable.

  • Technical and Economic

    With each project, our biggest motivation is to bring the customer better technical and economical solutions.


    We help our clients to set up the cleaning processes better – to make them more efficient, simpler, and even cheaper. We always focus on the specific needs of the customer. Customization of our products is always possible. We also offer a detailed technical analysis of the cleaning process at our client's production premises.

  • R&D and

    Through the constant development of cleaning technologies, we evolve and respond to the development of the electronic industry.


    The development of the electronic industry is rocketing. We know we have to keep the pace in development to be able to react to the increasing demands. In our product portfolio, we have the widest range of cleaning systems on the market – 30 types. We have registered several utility models in the EU. We focus also on the customization of the cleaning agents and accessories.

  • Demo Centres

    We bring our customers the possibility to test the cleaning process in person.


    We have the biggest number of demo centres on the market. Overall, it is 13 places worldwide. Thanks to these showrooms, potential and regular customers can visit us and familiarise themselves with the cleaning process. We can check the compatibility of the cleaning system with the cleaning agent and even with the client’s component.

  • Direct
    Process Support

    We are always close at hand for our customers.


    Since we emphasise personal contact with our customers, we have built a worldwide support team, which is made up of DCT cleaning specialists and 33 local distributors. Our distributors are ready to provide first-class process support in 36 countries around the world. As a producer, we also participate in the installation of new cleaning systems.

  • Direct
    Service Support

    The installation of the cleaning system is the beginning of our service support.


    We provide our customers with direct service support worldwide. Alongside the DCT service team, we regularly train each distributor’s local service team. The distributor’s service teams provide service to customers at a local level, which increases the time availability of service, and reduces the cost of the service itself.