Case Studies

Stencil + Misprint + Squeegee

Read our case study of how we have ensured perfectly clean stencils to eliminate the risk of printing errors by optimizing the cleaning of stencils contaminated with thermally conductive silicone adhesive. In another study, we document how we focused on the development of a liquid with a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content. This liquid was developed to remove solder paste from stencils, misprints and PCBs after soldering. The challenge for our development department was to design the liquid so that it was not only environmentally friendly but also affordable. Take a look at an example of how we have solved the issue of removing epoxy glue from pumpprints.

PCB Cleaning

In the following case studies, we focus on the presentation of results and measurements during PCB cleaning after soldering. It is mostly about removing the residues of solder paste fluxes. We also focus on specific tasks – for example, difficult-to-clean areas under components. Moreover, we have tested for you the most functional way of cleaning the PCB after soldering. 

Maintenance Cleaning

Periodic cleaning of components in the electrical engineering industry ensures trouble-free operation of systems and eliminates economic impacts caused by scrap or system downtime. In practical examples, we examine the effectiveness of cleaning soldering frames, masks, filters, coolers and many other components. Take a look under the hood – we are constantly innovating methods and liquids so that cleaning parts from soldering surfaces is fast and efficient. We have also found an effective way to clean flexi soldering frames from residues of baked plastic material. In addition, our specialists have developed solutions for removing baked flux residues in REHM furnaces.

Conformal Coating Cleaning

We have extensive experience with the removal of hardened coatings from the surfaces of coating frames, various PCB carriers or from the coated PCBs themselves. In our cases, we analyse specific results from our practice. See how our developers have come up with a fully automatic and environmentally friendly way to remove Peters coating from soldering frames or how they have developed an innovative solution for quick removal of silicone coatings from soldering frames. We can also handle the cleaning of hardened silicone coatings from frames.

Manual Cleaning

We manufacture special sprays for manual cleaning of parts that cannot be removed from the device and must be cleaned directly in the cleaning systems. The so-called manual cleaning is widely used in soldering furnaces and waves. Even with this use, we regularly test our products and measure the results achieved.

Under-stencil Cleaning

For understencil cleaning, we have developed special liquids for printing machines (water-based and alcohol-based) and we are continuously improving their composition. Testing and feedback from our clients help us develop new solutions. See for yourself in our case studies.

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