Cleaning applications

Stencil + Misprint + Squeegee

Our cleaning systems are used not only for cleaning printed circuit boards after soldering but also for cleaning stencils, squeegees and misprints used in SMT production. Their thorough cleaning will ensure a high-quality and smooth production. We are already represented in 29 countries and we will provide a complete cleaning solution for you as well.

PCB Cleaning

We supply powerful cleaning systems and several variants of cleaning fluids, which are used for cleaning printed circuit boards (PCBs). Printed circuit boards are used in many industries (e.g., automotive, healthcare). Thorough cleaning of the printed circuit boards and contacts after soldering will help prevent problems with the functionality of the product.

Maintenance Cleaning

Regular maintenance of machines and related components after soldering is one of the key activities for a smooth production process. For maintenance cleaning (for example, cleaning of copper pipes and aluminium components), we are able to supply several types of cleaning systems as well as environmentally friendly cleaning fluids, most often water-based. Fluids are available both for machine cleaning and in the form of sprays for manual cleaning of parts that cannot be dismantled from the device.

Conformal Coating Cleaning

Already in 2001, we developed a cleaning fluid (first for cleaning stencils and squeegees) and since then we have been constantly improving our products. Thanks to this, we are now able to ensure a complex process of cleaning printed circuit boards, frames and various PCB carriers, which are contaminated by conformal coatings. Perfect cleaning of these parts from the coating will prevent the inaccurate application of conformal coatings to the boards in the next series. By using our machines and fluids, you will avoid laborious manual cleaning and save your time and money.

Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning is also a common part of cleaning processes in companies. It is used for detailed cleaning of printed circuit boards, squeegees, stencils and also for maintenance cleaning of parts that cannot be dismantled from the device and cannot be cleaned directly in cleaning systems. For manual cleaning, we have developed several cleaning sprays (alcohol and water-based) that can handle residues of fluxes, adhesives, solder pastes and other impurities.

Under-stencil Cleaning

We also produce special fluids for printing machines (water and alcohol-based), which guarantee perfect cleaning of the printing stencil. Thanks to this, the machine prints better and without errors and also has lower consumption of printing paste. Our printing fluids are approved by leading suppliers of printing machines.

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