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Cleaning flux off PCB

Even a small piece of flux can cause huge damages if the components are not well cleaned. Cleanliness should be kept mainly in case of electronic used in high technology sectors like medical, automotive, aerospace, military and in case of their use in some harsh and unstable environment.

Be sure that your cleaning process is set professionally. It is better not to clean than clean wrong. Encapsulated harmful residues from the no-clean soldering process could be released from rosin/resin when the PCB (printed circuit board) is cleaned only partially. This situation may result in white residues after cleaning. These residues may be harmful and could cause failures of PCB in future.

All these 4 parameters influence the result of cleaning and must be set according to the individual project. DCT offers several complex cleaning solutions that will meet your requirements for sure!

Machine cleaning

To clean PCBs from the solder flux, we have a large number of cleaning systems (batch cleaner) that can wash the residue after bonding very quickly and efficiently. You can find out how our machines work on the page: PCB cleaning procedure.

To clean the boards, you need effective cleaning agents that can handle a variety of impurities on PCB boards. From flux, residues, through grease, dust and corrosion. We most often use liquids from our Decotron® range based on water, which is environmentally friendly. Low VOCs are also a favourable factor.

Manual removing/cleaning

If you have decided to clean the PCB manually or in small quantities, you can use our Flux Remover 4, which uses ESD wipes to clean all flux residues from your board.

Flux Remover 4

It´s an alcohol-based cleaning fluid designed for PCB manual cleaning to remove flux residues.

Designed for cleaning of most flux types and other process contaminants, such as dust, fingerprints and grease. The fluid evaporates quickly without leaving any traces on the cleaned surface. A specially designed non-fraying application brush is included in the spray package. Recommended using together with the special ESD wiper.

  • Universal solution for all types of fluxes and other process contaminants
  • High material compatibility
  • Compatible with both lead and non-lead processes
  • Environmentally-friendly - biodegradable
  • Does not contain tensides, no risk of solid residue occurrence on the cleaned part surfaces

Recommended areas for use

  • flux residues after rework/hand soldering manual cleaning
  • fingerprints after handling PCB manual cleaning
  • other operating contaminants - dust, grease, etc manual cleaning

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