Filter change in the cleaning circuit

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial.

  1. Start by draining the liquid from the filter.
  2. Connect the pump hose to the outlet valve of the filter.
  3. Open the outlet valve of the filter.
  4. Drain the liquid from the filter.
  5. Close the outlet valve.
  6. Pull the handle to the side, open the filter and pull open the fabric cover.
  7. Remove the seal (O-ring)
  8. To open the locking insert, lift the lever and turn the handle to the left.
  9. Take the filter insert out of the filter housing.
  10. Take out the filter bag with the support frame.
  11. Replace the filter bag from the support frame.
  12. If necessary, clean the filter housing.
  13. If necessary, wipe the seal seat before installing the new O-ring seal.
  14. Take a new filter bag.
  15. Put the filter bag on your arm and fold it in half.
  16. The filter bag prepared in this way is placed on the support frame.
  17. Insert the new filter bag with support frame into the filter housing.
  18. Put the filter element back in.
  19. Secure the locking insert by turning the handle to the right and pressing the lever down.
  20. Replace the O-ring seal with a NEW one.
  21. Replace the O-ring every time you open the filter housing!
  22. Close the filter cover.
  23. Make sure that the filter cover is properly closed!
  24. At the end, simply clamp off the pump hose.

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