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Replacement of the active filter in the circuit

This applies to InJet® 388 CRD (1PR/2PR), InJet® 388 CRRD

Start by draining the liquid from the filter
  1. Open the filter with the key, pull the roller on the side and lift the lever.
  2. Remove the inserted spring.
  3. Pull out the bag with IONEX.
  4. Pull out the second bag of IONEX.
  5. Remove the filter element.
  6. Pull out the bag with the activated carbon (ACTIVE CARBON).

    Prepare the box with the filter elements
  7. First insert the activated carbon bag (ACTIVE CARBON) into the housing.
  8. Remove the inserted spring.
  9. Take a 1 μm new filter insert and place it in the housing.
  10. Second, insert the smaller IONEX bag.
  11. Third, insert the larger IONEX bag.
  12. Insert the insert with the spring into the filter housing.
  13. Replace the seal (O-ring) with a NEW .
  14. If necessary, wipe the seal seat before inserting.
  15. Close the filter cover.
  16. At the end, close the outlet valve.

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