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What can I use to clean a PCB?

You can use special alcohols, other solvents, or a mixture of water and solvents to clean solder boards (PCBs).


Which of the following is a recommended cleaning compound for PCB cleaning?

The most effective is to use proven products - such as Decotron. As important as perfect cleaning, for example in our InJet® cleaning systems, the perfect rinsing step is important. Proper rinsing in clean DI water (up to 10 μS / cm) is an essential part of the cleaning process, which can remove unwanted flux residues. Perfectly clean DI water (up to 0.5 μS) can be ensured, for example, by our external filtration, which maintains such clean rinsing water for many washing cycles. We recommend using Flux Remover 4 for manual cleaning.

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